About Kaimana

There has been much written and many scientific studies about the necessity of trace minerals in the human body but the following is the most common sense reason for taking Kaimana Hawaiian Deep Seawater Trace Minerals. The “Big Bang” theory poses that energy, mass, and light were sent out with great force to create the known universe. In some instances, this universal substance coalesced into stars, celestial bodies and solid planets such as our Earth. Essentially the Earth is made of the raw materials of the universe and hence the lands and sea contain the power of the universe. The physical macro and trace minerals of creation are the building blocks of all life on planet Earth and until recently were always part of our food and hence ourselves, creating the best of human evolution. Enter factory farming and GMO  and for the past several decades humans have been deprived of these essential minerals to a large degree.  Some estimate that today's factory farmed and processed foods contain only ten percent of the minerals that we evolved with that are necessary for optimal health and disease resistance.  Hundreds of necessary cellular functions are being deprived of the trace minerals needed for functionally living at an optimal level of well being. Essentially trace minerals make us who we are and that is why we need them on a daily basis

The source of KaiMana originates from a Greenland glacial melt two thousand years ago. This cold seawater runs deep and slow in a unique current 2200 feet below the ocean surface and is separated from the currents we normally are in contact with due to extreme temperature differences. It is considered pristine, pure and untouched by man.  It is then brought up through special pipes and regulated by the state of Hawaii. The water is then pumped into closed drying tunnels using food grade materials and protected with HEPA filters to prevent environmental contaminants and then is allowed to naturally solar concentrate into our product. 

Through this natural process, Kaimana has every mineral naturally found in seawater in a balanced, ionic and easily absorbed form. Very similar to our human plasma in content. Every culture in all time has used concentrated sea minerals for health.  Whether in food preparation or for healing, concentrated seawater is a simple and common sense way of giving our bodies the nutrients that were there at the beginning of life, but have been lacking in our lives.

For the complete mineral make up of sea water please see this study