Our Story

Twenty eight years ago while living on a beautiful point overlooking the north shore of Maui, I was exploring the tide pools below our home.  After several hours I noticed an indentation in the rock that contained a handful of solar concentrated seawater from the splashing waves of the high tide. For no other reason than curiosity, I decided to taste it.  A wave of electrical like energy washed through my body and I knew as a biologist and a chiropractor that these sea minerals were something special, powerful and necessary for optimal well being. For years I had been wanting to recreate this ancient nutrient rich mineral broth that was the medium for life on planet earth but was unable to find a pristine and pure source of seawater given our ocean's condition today as well as finding a way to concentrate it naturally into mineral supplements. Fast forward 20 years now I live and practice chiropractic with my wife and family on the Big Island of Hawaii. I became aware of a source of deep sea water from 2200 feet below the ocean surface off the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. By solar concentrating this seawater, it is transformed into our powerful and nutrient rich Kaimana Hawaiian Deep Seawater Trace Minerals that are now available for optimal health and well being. Knowing that all cultures throughout all history have thrived when using sea minerals, we are truly blessed to have these Hawaiian minerals available for optimal health and well being.